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I am forever grateful that you don't have to know how to sing to enjoy music 😀 Here is a list of 5 Mandarin songs with the word 你好 (nĭ hăo) in the lyrics.

If you have listened to Episode 2 and 3 of my podcast, then you should be able to understand one of the songs completely (YES! Completely! :D).

How are you? – Michael Wong

Song Title: 你好吗 (nĭ hăo ma) – How are you
Artist: 光良 (guāng liáng) – Michael Wong

Hello Tomorrow – Milk Coffee

Song Title: 明天,你好 (míng tiān , nĭ hăo) – Hello Tomorrow
Artist: 牛奶咖啡 (niú năi kā fēi) Milk Coffee
This song is sad T_T but I can't help but love the 明天,你好 (míng tiān , nĭ hăo) part. I can put it on repeat for days.

Hello & Goodbye – Chinese Buddy 

Hello & Goodbye – Chinese Buddy

You should be able to understand the entire song if you have listened to Episode 2 and 3 😀 

Chinese Buddy has many songs for learning Chinese. The lyrics are simple, and the songs are catchy. Check out many more Chinese songs by Chinese Buddy here.



In the Sun – Cici Mao

Song Title: 你好阳光 (nĭ hăo yáng guāng)
Literal Translation: Hello Sunshine
English Title: In the Sun
Artist: 毛泽少 (máo zé shăo) Cici Mao

An upbeat song! This song was used in a commercial. I couldn't find the ad sorry :'(


Hello – Dawen Wang

Song Title: 你好 (nĭ hăo) Hello
Artist: 王大文 (wáng dà wén) Dawen Wang
Dawen Wang is an Asian American! 😀 His parents are from Taiwan, so he grew up speaking Mandarin at home. As of 2018, he is living in Taiwan.

What do you think of the songs? Do you have a favorite?


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