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Chinese Mandarin Cafe is a place where I share fun Chinese (Mandarin) learning resources. The primary content will be on Mandarin Chinese, but you will also find posts on other Chinese languages. You might have heard them as “dialects”. Besides Mandarin Chinese, I also speak Fuzhounese, which is my hometown dialect, so you will find Fuzhounese posts as well 😀

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You will find the following topics on this blog:

  • Chinese (Mandarin) learning guides 
  • Bite-sized upbeat audio and video lessons 
  • Fun Chinese cultural videos
  • Fuzhounese learning resources
  • Fuzhounese videos

About Amy Lin

Hi! I am Amy ^_^ Nice to meet you!

Hi, Amy here! I am an online 1-1 Chinese (Mandarin) teacher, a language learner, a Mandarin Chinese podcast host, and a content creator (and sometimes, ok, fine, a big-time Korean drama fan).

Online 1-1 Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher

I am an online 1-1 Mandarin Chinese teacher. I have been teaching since June 2013, and I LOVE my work! If you are interested in scheduling a session with me, please check out my schedule here.