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Hi! I am Amy. I help beginners learn conversational Chinese so they can start speaking Mandarin Chinese to build a deeper connection with their loved ones or meet new friends! 🙂 

Chinese Mandarin Cafe is a place where I share fun Chinese (Mandarin) learning resources. You will find the following topics on this blog:

  • Chinese (Mandarin) learning guides 
  • Bite-sized upbeat audio and video lessons 
  • Fun Chinese cultural videos
  • Chinese dialects

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About Amy Lin

Hi! I am Amy ^_^ Nice to meet you!

Hi, Amy here! I am an online 1-1 Chinese (Mandarin) teacher, a language learner, a Mandarin Chinese podcast host, and a content creator (and sometimes, ok, fine, a big-time Korean drama fan).

Online 1-1 Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher

I am an online 1-1 Mandarin Chinese teacher. I have been helping learners from all over the world since June 2013, and I absolutely LOVE my work! 

My student list is full at the moment. If you are interested in scheduling a session with me, make sure to sign up to the waiting list here.