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In this series of videos, I will take you through a few sets of characters that you can learn right away while picking up the basic knowledge and fun (hopefully) tips to help you remember the characters easier.

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to Chinese Characters
  • What are strokes?
  • What do I need to start writing Chinese characters?

Lesson 2

Learning our first set of characters! If you can draw a line from point A to point B, then you are good to go.

Lesson 3

Instead of going horizontally, we are going to go vertically now.

Lesson 4

Let's put our newly acquired characters into practice.

Lesson 5

After sitting for a long time, it is time for a nice stretch! Oh wait, wrong topic.

Lesson 6

We are on fire! Keep up the awesome work.

Great job!

You have completed this series of videos. How was it? Share your experience or comments with me in the comment section on YouTube or message me on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed learning Chinese characters.