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What is Discord?

Discord is a platform that is perfect for creating a community. It is an app that is accessible on multiple platforms, even via a browser! 

As I host more events, my notes and links are getting messy (read: disorganized). A Discord server, which is similar to a Facebook group but with features that I’d like to use, is going to be our learning hub where you will find our lesson notes and resources easily and connect with other learners. 

Do I need to pay to join the server? 

Nope! It is free to join our Discord Community. However, you have to get an invite link from me. Use this form to request an invite link from me.Β 

How to find your Discord tag? 

A Discord Tag is your username. It is different from a typical username as it is followed by a hashtag and four digits. Both pieces of information are needed for someone to find your account. 

Below is a video tutorial on how to find your Discord tag. 

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