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Hihi ^^ Learning Chinese characters is fun! πŸ˜€ Here is a short and sweet introduction to Chinese characters.

Level: Beginners, HSK 1

Hello Characters Series Playlist:

? Chinese Mandarin Cafe Podcast Season 1 – Currently free!

12 podcast episodes turned into video lessons with easy to follow lessons made for beginners who want to communicate in Mandarin Chinese πŸ˜€

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? Skillshare Classes

If you have a premium Skillshare account, then you might be interested in the following classes created by me ^^

How to introduce yourself in Mandarin Chinese (17 minutes)

Chinese Vlog #1 – Happy New Year (20 minutes)

Greetings and Names in Mandarin Chinese (14 minutes)

Numbers 1 to 99 in Chinese (18 minutes)

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Chinese Mandarin Cafe ? Hello Characters Lesson 1 

汉语咖啑屋 ? 【Hello, 汉字】 第一课

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