LIVE Study Session #2 with Amy Lin
March 11th, 2018 (Sunday)
6:30 PM MST
Click on this link to have time automatically converted to your timezone.

I will go LIVE on my Facebook page so you won't have to log in to see it (I think).

I will go live on Chinese Mandarin Cafe's Facebook page:


Self Study (30 minutes)

In case you didn't study this week ;D I will be studying Spanish while you study Mandarin ^_^

Q&A/Office Hours (If applicable)

  • Q&A
    • If you have any questions, I will answer them during this time 😀
    • If you can't attend the live session, leave your questions and I will answer them during the live session.
  • Homework Check
    • Want me to listen to YOUR Mandarin? 😀 It is ok to make mistakes! You can send in your audio files on HelloTalk/SoundCloud/Vocaroo or any other audio sharing link so I can listen to them in Live Session ^^
    • This week, I want to hear you say:

我叫 _____.

nĭ hăo !
wŏ jiào _____.
nĭ jiào shén me míng zi ?
zài jiàn !

My name is ____.
What is your name?

Chinese Lesson (Beginner) – Names

  • The order of Chinese names
  • Popular English names in Chinese
  • Some other fun names

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